Foggy morning

Monday, January 10th, 2011 | Luxembourg 2011 | 49°36' N, 6°8' E
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Foggy morning

Sunday evening in Luxembourg was far from thrilling. I passed the evening in a cafe, which was not serving much food. I could only get soup, so I had three bowls for my evening meal. I hadn’t done everything there was to do in Luxembourg and I’d have quite liked to see a bit of the countryside, but I felt like my two days here had been more than enough.

In the morning I had to get up at 5am to catch a train back to London. I walked out into the darkness and found the country swathed in thick fog. As I walked back along the Corniche, the lights of the houses on the valley floor shone through and made a nice looking scene.

The train left Luxembourg in darkness, and I fell asleep in a more or less empty carriage. When I woke a couple of hours later, the carriage was full and I was surrounded by commuters heading into Brussels. A grey day was dawning, and rain was falling as I changed trains at Brussels. I got a coffee and pastry from the same cafe I’d been to on the way, and then got the Eurostar back to St. Pancras.

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