New Zealand: North Island volcanoes and geothermal areas

Vanuatu: Yasur and Marum volcanoes

Australia: Sydney and Coffs Harbour

Brazil: World Cup journey to Natal and Salvador


Taiwan: Taipei, Penghu and Taroko Gorge

Chile: A journey through Chile from Cape Horn to the Atacama

Easter Island: A week on the most isolated island in the world

Patagonia: Autumn trekking in Torres del Paine


UK: Back home once again

UK and Switzerland: Back to London three weeks after my last visit, en route to Ascona

UK and Canada: Trip back home, stopping in Canada on the way back

Pucón: Chasing the volcanoes through heavy rain

Mendoza: A trip over the Andes

Falkland Islands: East Falkland, Saunders Island and Bleaker Island


Atacama: San Pedro de Atacama and a visit to ALMA

Canada: A spontaneous trip to Toronto

Luxembourg: Overland from London to Luxembourg


Tenerife: La Laguna and a visit to Observatorio del Teide

Santiago de Compostela: Weekend in Galicia

France: Two weeks in Languedoc-Roussillon

Microstates: From Vienna to France, via Liechtenstein and Monaco

Vienna: A week in Austria

Norway: Tromsö, midnight sun and a Hurtigruten voyage down the coast

Paris: Bank holiday weekend in the French capital

Scotland: Glasgow and the Isle of Arran

Iceland: A trip to see the Eyjafallajökull eruption

Barcelona: Return to Catalunya

Balkans: Return to Belgrade to see Rammstein


Chile and Peru: La Silla, San Pedro, Iquique, Arica and Tacna

Belgium: Another rainy weekend in Leuven

Portugal: Weekend in Lisbon to see Rammstein's first gig for four years

Greenland and Iceland: Adventures in East Greenland and the completion of a long-postponed mission in Iceland

Madrid: European Space Agency headquarters and Madrid

United States: Tucson, Chiricahua and Willcox

Grenoble: Skiing weekend at Prapoutel and Chamrousse

Belgium: Rainy weekend in Leuven

Tenerife: La Laguna, La Orotava, and a trip to the top of Teide


Czech Republic: Prague and Kutna Hora

Estonia: Beautiful autumn weekend in Tallinn

Slovakia: Weekend in Bratislava

Balkans: Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Greece

Berlin: Potsdam and Berlin

Sevilla: Weekend trip to Andalucía

Northern Ireland: Overland from London to Belfast and back, via Wales, Ireland and Scotland

Budapest: Warm winter weekend in Hungary

Sweden and Denmark: From Copenhagen to Gothenburg via Lund, Helsingborg and Halmstad


Malta: Drinking kinnie and eating pastizzi

Eastern Europe: From Warsaw to Bucharest via the breakaway republic of Transdnistria

Barcelona: A weekend in Catalunya

Portugal: Weekend in Porto

La Palma: Road trip around the island

China: Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Granada: A weekend in the most awesome of Andalusian cities


Finland: Weekend journey to the Arctic

La Palma: Observing at the Nordic Optical Telescope

Santiago de Compostela: Rainy autumn weekend in Galicia

Denmark and Sweden: Malmö, Copenhagen and Humlebæk

Bulgaria and Turkey: From Sofia to Side to see a solar eclipse


South America: Four month voyage from Buenos Aires to Quito via Tierra del Fuego

Santiago de Compostela: Hot summer weekend in Galicia

Faroe Islands: Wild and windy week in the north Atlantic

Latvia and Lithuania: Sub-zero travels in Riga and Vilnius


Berlin: Trip to see the final night of a Rammstein tour

Stockholm: Autumn weekend in Sweden


Pisa: Flying visit to Tuscany

Helsinki: From Tampere to the capital and back

Hamburg: Cold November weekend in northern Germany

Florence: Tuscan weekend

La Palma: Return to Roque de los Muchachos

Italy: A journey from Milan to Rome in the midst of a fearsome heatwave

Denmark and Sweden: A bit of Malmö, a lot of Copenhagen

Dublin: Back to Dublin for an astronomy conference

Netherlands: The Hague and Amsterdam

Brussels: Random weekend in Belgium

Balkans: A winter weekend in Croatia and Slovenia


Sweden: New year trip to Gothenburg and Stockholm

Dublin: First visit to the nearest capital to London

Salzburg: A weekend trying to avoid "The Sound Of Music"

Beijing to London: A train journey across half the planet

Norway: Long weekend in Oslo, Bergen and fjords


Australia: Canberra, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and Sydney

La Palma: First trip to the Observatorio Roque de los Muchachos

Southern Africa: Adventures in wild and remote places in Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi

OHP: Return to the South of France for a week of observing


Central America: Through the volcanoes, from Costa Rica to Guatemala

London to Munich: A poverty-curtailed attempt to get to Budapest


Iceland: Around Iceland by bus and boat

OHP: Observing trip to the south of France


Australia: From Perth to Sydney on trains, buses and a plane

Sicily: Volcano chasing journey to Mount Etna