Sicily 1998

Volcano chasing journey to Mount Etna: Journey to ZafferanaLong walk in filthy weatherCable car to MontagnolaAnother long walk


Journey to Zafferana

Thursday, January 29th 1998


A photo of Mt. Etna erupting on the front page of the paper was the cue for this trip. I saw the photo in the morning, and by the afternoon I’d booked my flight to Catania, at the foot of the mountain and persuaded two friends to come with me.  We were young and naive and it’s amazing we even got to the airport given our extreme lack of planning.  We didn't even have a guidebook, but somehow this didn't deter us at all. We started the trip with a flight to Catania via Milan which took us over the Alps.


Long walk in filthy weather

Friday, January 30th 1998


We randomly ended up in a town called Zafferana. It rained heavily most of the time we were there, but we hiked a long way up the volcano anyway. We walked to a place with a view over eastern Sicily. The weather cleared up briefly, but only towards the coast. The mountain was still totally hidden. We walked on, but the clouds came in again and it was getting dark. By torchlight, we headed back down to Zafferana.


Cable car to Montagnola

Saturday, January 31st 1998


We got a cable car from the Rifugio Sapienza to Montagnola, not too far from the summit. It was a clear and beautiful day when we set out, but clouds were coming in and they arrived at Montagnola at the same time as we did. Reaching the craters was going to be impossible. We got the cable car back down and then got a bus back to Catania in an epic downpour.

Four years after we were there, both the Rifugio Sapienza and the Montagnola cable car station were destroyed by lava flows.


Another long walk

Sunday, February 1st 1998


On our final night, the weather cleared, and from Zafferana we watched lava fountains spraying high over the summit. We stayed up all night watching the show, trying and failing to take good photos.

We saw the mountain from the plane window as we took off from Catania. We hadn't made it to the top, but we'd seen it erupting, and we thought that was a pretty good result.

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