Wednesday, July 29th 1998

We spent a few days in Adelaide staying with relatives. I had a terrifyingly close encounter with a huntsman spider while we were there, which left me on edge for days afterwards. A day out touring South Australian vineyards helped me to relax again, as did wandering along the shores of the Southern Ocean at Hallett Cove, watching porpoises swimming just off shore.

After that, we set off on another epic journey, this time by bus to Yulara, a couple of miles from Uluru. "Don't worry if you feel a sudden huge thump in the middle of the night", said the driver as we pulled out of Glendambo at nightfall. "That'll just be us hitting a kangaroo". We passed through the Woomera Prohibited Area during the night, and at 6am we found ourselves in Yulara. It was freezing cold, and frost glittered in the morning sun.

Later that day, we walked out to a viewpoint near the town. All around was flat, the horizon never-ending, except for the solitary form of the bright red rock.

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