London to Munich 2000

A poverty-curtailed attempt to get to Budapest

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London to Paris

Thursday, May 25th 2000

My plan had been to go to Budapest after my exams had finished. It started out as nothing more than a vague idea, but gradually I began to think I would actually go, and finally, the day the exams finished, I packed my bags and decided to have a crack at it.

In the morning, I headed for town. For probably the first time in my life, I arrived there before anything was open. I really wanted to get on the way, and so I decided to skip buying a few essential things and head for Victoria. There, I found that the international ticket office had been closed down. Apparently, there are other branches at Euston and King's Cross, but given that the only place you can go from those stations which can remotely be called 'abroad' is Scotland, their use there is limited. So I bought a ticket to Dover instead, and got on the ferry to France. The weather was great and the boat was almost empty, so I spread my things out over several tables, and enjoyed the ride.

Calais looked grim, and when I got to the station, I found that there was a train to Paris going in 10 minutes. I bought a ticket and headed east. Despite the train being almost empty, the conductor moved me on when he checked my ticket, as I was sitting in a reserved seat. He sent me off down the train, but there seemed to be no way of telling which seats were reserved and which weren't. He had to move me on twice more before I got it right. He then stamped my ticket seven times, muttered something in French which I assume was something like "idiot foreigner", and stomped off.

At Boulogne, the train filled up with loud and obnoxious schoolkids. As they raced up and down the carriages, throwing things, picking their noses and burping, I found myself talking to a Pakistani bloke. He seemed to have been a refugee in most western European countries, and from what I could gather, he'd just been deported from Britain, and was going to try his luck in France. He'd already had experience of French bureaucracy - "Government write very much paper" - and didn't hold out too much hope of getting very far.

We arrive in Paris at 9pm. I walked from Gare du Nord to Gare de l'Est, and tried to buy a ticket to Budapest. But I was too poor and my card was rejected. So I revised my plans, and, seeing as there was a train to Munich leaving in 20 minutes, I bought a ticket and went there instead.

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