Across Honduras

Saturday, October 7th 2000

We left before the sun was up the next morning, and thus failed to see Tegucigalpa in the daylight. I am told this is not a great loss. We were headed for Copán Ruinas, 500km away, and we needed to get a bus first to Santa Rosa de Copán, 400km up the road. We were pleased to find that, for our fare of about £4.50, we had a luxuriously comfortable bus for the six hour journey. We wished we were spending longer in Honduras as we passed through its beautiful mountainous forested scenery.

After two more short bus journeys, back in the yellow school buses, we arrived in the town of Copán Ruinas, which is right next to the Mayan ruins of the same name. We booked into a very cheap hotel, at only £2 each per night, which had a rooftop terrace with fantastic views over the Valle de Copán. We'd forgotten that it was the weekend, and we wouldn't be able to get money for two days, so we were too skint to pay up front, but fortunately the friendly family said we could pay up on Monday.

The next morning we left early to walk the 2km down the road to the ruins.

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