Wednesday, September 27th 2000

Ometepe was a beautiful place. The two volcanoes looked amazing even if their peaks were mostly hidden in the clouds.Early on our second day, we set out to see what we could do about climbing Volcán Concepción. We set out along the road south from Altagracia, looking, as our guidebook told us to, for a cemetary on the right after a mile and a half, past which ran a trail up the volcano. We walked for several miles before deciding we'd gone too far, and headed back. Fortunately our Spanish (well, mine at least - Moh was still trying to master the phrase for 'I don't speak Spanish') was up to asking for directions, and we found the path. It was about 7am, but already savagely hot. We headed up the path, first crossing some plantations, before getting out of the cultivated land and into the forest. We climbed for about an hour and a half, occasionally getting a good view over the island, but mostly being in thick jungle. By 9am it was already getting cloudy and we couldn't see the top, so we decided to head back down.

At the place we were staying we met a friendly guy called Neftali, who worked on a banana plantation during the day, but came to the hostel most evenings to chat to the guests, practising his English and sharing his knowledge of the island. We spent a long while that evening chatting to him about the island and Nicaragua in general.

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