Market madness

Monday, October 23rd 2000

The next day, we went to a mountain town called Chichicastenango. Apart from having a fantastic name, it is famous for its markets. Local people converge on the town from the surrounding countryside every Sunday and Thursday to buy and sell fruit and veg, and many stalls sell fantastic Guatemalan handicrafts. We went on a bit of a souvenir binge, and after four hours of intense haggling, I came away with three rugs, two hammocks, some painted pots and a huge blanket. It was great fun, and I was sad to leave. Laden with new belongings, we decided to pay the extra for a minibus direct back to Antigua.

And so with exactly a week to go, we found ourselves back in Antigua. There were two things left to do - climb the volcanoes, and visit the Mayan ruins at Tikal. But Moh had spent a little bit too lavishly at the market, and didn't have enough for the bus fare to Tikal, so I left him behind and got the overnight bus from Guatemala City to Flores, way up in the north of Guatemala on the Yucat√°n peninsula.

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