Photo experiment

Saturday, February 24th 2001

On the wall in the 80cm telescope control room was a photo taken of the dome while it was being rotated. It looked really cool, and I wanted to have a go at reproducing it. I got my chance towards the end of our run when clouds started gathering as night fell, and it was clear we wouldn't be observing. I climbed up onto the roof of the control room, and Didier set the dome rotating. I opened the shutter and let the dome spin right around a few times, and the shot worked out nicely.

Later it cleared up a little bit. At the time we were in Provence, the space station Mir was approaching the end of its life, while the International Space Station had recently been put in orbit. During our visit, both space stations were visible in the early evening. On this particular evening, both would be crossing the sky within a minute of each other, passing through the constellation of Orion as seen from OHP. This would pretty much be a once in a lifetime photo opportunity if I could get it - the two space stations passing through a famous constellation, with a bunch of telescope domes as a foreground. Sadly the clouds didn't clear in time. I saw Mir going overhead, but the ISS was hidden by the clouds. Two months later, Mir re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, and burnt up in the skies over the South Pacific.

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