Star trails

Tuesday, February 20th 2001

After a couple of nights, the students were well into the routine and there was not so much for me to do. I had time to go out and watch the sky once the observations were under way. A bitingly cold mistral was blowing, the cold wind bringing clear skies but bad seeing. Our stars were badly smeared out by the turbulent atmosphere, which made the observations a bit more difficult but not impossible.

I went up to see what was happening at the 1.52m telescope. This one was much easier to use, being mostly automated. The telescope would slew pretty much to where you wanted it, and all that was required was a bit of fine-tuning with some plastic dials on a control panel that looked like something out of Blake's 7;. After I'd checked out their latest observations, I went up onto the roof, and saw three bright meteors blazing by.

In 1999, I'd forgotten to bring a cable release, and I'd also forgotten to bring gloves. Keen to get a star trail photo, I'd held the camera shutter down myself for 40 minutes, which nearly gave me frostbite. This time I'd learned my lesson. Back at the 80cm, I pointed the camera up, locked down a shutter release, and went inside to enjoy the warmth for three hours.

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