Tuesday, November 27th 2001

I got to Adelaide not longer after the World Solar Challenge competitors got there. They had raced across the deserts from Darwin to here in solar-powered vehicles, and in the hostel I met a guy called Sven, who had been a competitor. He'd finished last, but didn't seem too unhappy about it.

I went to look around Adelaide. My dad's cousins live in Adelaide, and I got a train to Marino to visit them. Three years ago in their house I had a terrifying encounter with a huntsman spider, but this time there were none in sight. I was constantly keeping half an eye out though.

Back in the city centre I looked around. As night fell I walked along the river and watched the lights of the city come on. I walked up to Light's Vision, a statue of the city founder overlooking his creation. I thought he must have been pretty pleased with it.

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