Sunday, December 2nd 2001

On the final morning, we made a couple of stops, but they were nothing like as spectacular as yesterday's, and the weather wasn't so good either. We were all glad we'd done the trip starting in Adelaide - starting in Melbourne you'd have the best scenery on the first day and then two anticlimactic days to follow.

I felt sad the tour was over, but most of us stayed in the same hostel in Melbourne so it was not goodbye just yet. I liked Melbourne a lot more than I thought I would, even though the weather here was similar to what you'd expect in London in November. There were lots of things happening - we saw a great photography exhibition at the Arts Centre, and took shelter from the rain at a cafe where there was live music. It seemed that you didn't have to look to hard to find interesting things to do here.

We went to the Rialto Towers one evening. In the daytime, under grey skies and in constant drizzle, Melbourne was no beauty, but at night from above, it looked pretty impressive.

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