Sydney again

Sunday, November 25th 2001

I was relieved to get back to Sydney. I booked into a hostel near Hyde Park. The sun was shining, and I thought I would spend a relaxed couple of days here before moving on. I wanted to go to Adelaide next, so I went to the train station to book a ticket for the Indian Pacific. Three years ago I'd travelled from Perth to Adelaide by train, and now I wanted to do the other side. But the next Indian Pacific was sold out, and for a moment I was extremely disappointed. But don't worry, said the ticket seller, the Ghan leaves this afternoon, you can get a ticket on that. I thought the Ghan started in Adelaide but apparently it ran from Sydney too. I bought a ticket, and went back to the hostel to pack.

I had a few hours to spare, and as I was doing a lot of training at the time, I decided to fit in a run. I'd done a couple in Canberra, and not seen anyone else out, but here I could barely move for runners. I went through Hyde Park towards the Botanical Gardens and it seemed that half of Sydney was out for a run.

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