Akershus Slott

Sunday, April 21st 2002

We went to the National Gallery after Holmenkollen, and saw the Scream. I didn't know until then that there are four original versions, two painted and two pastels. This is probably a good thing because it keeps getting stolen. The version in the National Gallery was stolen in 1994, with the thieves leaving a note saying "Thanks for the poor security" in its place. Another version in the Munch Gallery was stolen a few years later.

We walked down to the harbour, stopping for a wildly expensive pub lunch on the way, and found our way to a hillside by Akershus Slott. We sat in the sunshine for a while.

Finally it was time to leave. We headed back to the station for the long bus journey back to Sandefjord. We had had an amazing time, but it was some time before I could even bring myself to check my bank balance. When I did, I decided I would not be returning to Norway for many years.

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