Saturday, April 20th 2002

The journey continued. We got the train from Flåm to Myrdal, a journey which takes you from sea level up to 860m above sea level in 12 miles. We climbed through snow-covered scenery, curling around corners so tightly that often we were looking right down on earlier sections of the line.

About half way up, we stopped at Kjossfoss. In summertime it's a thundering and spectacular waterfall, so people said, but when we were there it was barely a trickle.

We climbed on to Myrdal. Here we realised that we'd made a huge error not buying lunch in Flåm - we'd thought that Myrdal would be bigger, being a stop on the main line from Bergen to Oslo after all. But Myrdal is not a town, it's just a station, surround by high mountains, with no roads out and serving no purpose except as a place to change trains. We had a two hour wait on Myrdal station before the Oslo train arrived, but we enjoyed the fresh mountain air, blue skies, sunshine and total silence.

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