Dublin 2002

First visit to the nearest capital to London: Guinness factoryMonument


Guinness factory

Saturday, December 7th 2002


I went to Dublin with four friends. We left behind heavy skies in London, briefly enjoyed brilliant sunshine above the clouds, then descended into heavy skies in Ireland. It poured with rain as we walked down O'Connell Street to the centre of town.

We spent the afternoon in pubs, and then we went to the Guinness factory, where the Gravity Bar sits on top of the factory and has glass walls so that all around you can see Dublin. We spent a while there.



Sunday, December 8th 2002


A late night at a club and an early morning taxi to the airport left us pretty tired after our 24 hours in Dublin. Back in London we had the hellish bus replacement service instead of a Stansted Express, which took us to Liverpool Street without stopping anywhere convenient en route. In the deathly quiet of a Sunday in the City we went for a quick walk around, and randomly decided to go up the Monument. It seemed like a good idea at the time to shake the tiredness out of our legs with a run up the 318 steps.

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