Saturday, February 8th 2003

We got to Ljubljana at four. Srečko pointed me in the right direction to walk into town, and then headed off for the radio studios.

The streets were virtually empty and the city felt like a ghost town. Someone told me that everyone heads for the ski slopes each weekend in winter, leaving the city in the hands of the old, the infirm, and the travellers who don't carry skis. I walked randomly, eventually finding my way to the foot of Castle Hill just as night was falling.

An icy path spiralled up the hill, and I walked slowly up. I stopped half way to look out over the snowy roofs, and could see the dark silhouette of distant mountains on the skyline.

By the time I got to the top it was dark. I headed into the castle, and bought a ticket to visit the clock tower. A short climb up a narrow staircase led me out onto the roof, and I was the only person up there. I stayed for a while, feeling like I had the view, the castle and the city all to myself.

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