Sunday, March 30th 2003

The day after the race, I headed to Amsterdam. Arnold, who I'd met in Australia a year and a half earlier, was living in Amsterdam these days so I was meeting up with him. The hour had changed, so I had to get up at a savage time to make it to the capital by 10, and my post-half marathon fatigue was extreme.

We moved slowly around Amsterdam and saw a few of the sights, stopping for many coffees as we went. We passed through the Vondelpark, and if I'd have been on my own I'd have probably slept there in the spring sunshine for a couple of days.

I liked Amsterdam but with bruised and bleeding feet and aching muscles I thought I was probably not in a fit state to fully appreciate it. After only a few hours it was time for me to head back to Belgium for my flight home. We headed back to the station, took a quick free boat trip across the IJ, and then I headed off. It was a long slow journey back to Brussels, and then on to Charleroi for the fourth time in just a week.

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