Saturday, November 29th 2003

We went to Kiasma after the Uspensky Cathedral. Generally with contemporary art galleries I find that I think about a third of it is a complete waste of time, a third I am more or less indifferent to, and a third I really like. Kiasma pretty much followed the rule.

The exhibit that impressed me most was one that I initially put into the first category. It was a darkened room, containing a chair, a table, a lamp and a mirror, and that was it. "This is rubbish", I thought, and I was about to walk out in disgust. But then I thought that surely there had to be more to it. This couldn't be as banal as I thought it was. At the entrance to the darkened room there had been a sign saying do not touch or move any part of the installation. And then I twigged - the mirror was not a mirror but an opening into a second room, which was an identical mirror image of the first room. I was impressed. The illusion was so convincing that even once I'd worked it out I kept having to stick my hand through the 'mirror' to prove to myself that it wasn't there.

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