Sunday, November 30th 2003

We went to a club on the Saturday night, and got back to the hostel at about 3am. In the hostel there was a sauna, available from 6am until 8am, and me and Moh decided to get up early to take advantage. It was a good way to return to consciousness.

We got a ferry across the harbour to Suomenlinna, a fortress on one of the many islands. Before Finland was a part of Russia, it was a part of Sweden, and the fortress is still known as Sveaborg (Swedish fortress) in Swedish and Suomenlinna (Finnish fortress) in Finnish. It was grey but not too cold, and we sat outside watching boats coming and going for a while. Looking back to the skyline of the city, it was surprising to see so many Russian-influenced buildings. Apparently during the Cold War, Helsinki was often used in films that required a Russian-looking backdrop.

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