A day in Pisa

Thursday, December 11th 2003

Another weekend, another trip to Italy. This time, we spent the day in Pisa. I had to borrow a euro off a fellow passenger to get the bus into Pisa from the airport, because none of the cashpoints were working, so I started the day feeling very cheap. We walked up to the Campo dei Miracoli and saw the tower that everyone has heard about since they were tiny. And it really does lean at an astonishing angle - a ridiculous, crazy angle that seems physically impossible.

This was my twelfth holiday of 2003. After three cheap weekends away early in the year, I'd had the crazy idea of just carrying on booking cheap holidays as often as possible, and to go on one trip a month. I hadn't been abroad in June or September, but I'd made up for that with two trips in March and two in November. And I'd even missed out on one trip, a weekend in Sardinia, when my flight was delayed so much that it ended up not being worth going. I'd been to new and awesome parts of Europe and none of the flights had cost me more than 30 pounds.

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