Return to Stockholm

Saturday, September 25th 2004

In 2003 I'd been on 12 holidays. 2004 was going much more slowly: by September I had only been abroad three times, and they'd all been to Italy. A three month post-PhD period of voluntary unemployment from March until June had been fantastically relaxing, but having no income did have an impact on my travel plans. By September I'd been working for the Home Office for three months and I could afford to hit the road again.

I flew to Nyköping early on a Saturday morning, and got to Stockholm at about midday. The thing that was amazing straight away was that I could walk around without risking frostbite. On my first visit here it had been -17°C but today it was 30 degrees warmer than that. It made for a very different atmosphere. All the waters of Mälaren were liquid, there was no snow, and I didn't need gloves or even a hat.

I went to a lot of places that I'd been to before, just to appreciate them in warm weather. I walked from the station across to Gamla Stan, and then south to Södermalm. I got the Katarinahissen lift up to the heights, and looked back over the city. On my last trip I'd lost all feeling in my fingers when I had to change the film in my camera up here.

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