South America 2005

...from Buenos Aires to Quito via Ushuaia

Good Airs    
A forgotten country    
Dodgy deals    
Brazil, briefly    
Across the Río de la Plata    
Into Patagonia    
Land of Fire    
The southernmost    
Torres del Paine    
Glaciar Gray    
Middle of the W    
Leaving Las Torres    
Moreno Glacier    
El Chaltén    
Laguna Torre    
Ruta 40    
Carretera Austral    
Sailing up the coast    
Close to the heat    
Into the Atacama    
Desert heat    
Higher and higher    
Breathless heights    
Altiplano crossing    
Days of salt    
Train cemetery    
Bolivian steam train    
In the mines    
The two capitals    
Christmas by the lake    
The most dangerous road in the world    
Island of the Sun    
Machu Picchu    
El Misti    
Such great heights    
Back down to sea level    
Ruins of the north    
Journey to Ecuador    
Trapped in Loja    
One last volcano    

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