Sunday, July 9th 2006

I went to Humlebæk the next day to visit the Louisiana contemporary art gallery. It was a beautiful day. Louisiana is right by the Øresund, and it was easily clear enough to see Sweden across the water. I wandered through the gallery, breaking out a couple of times to sit in the sun by the sea. There was a lot of good art on show, and even apart from the art, the gallery itself was impressive.

In the evening I went out to try to find somewhere to watch the world cup final. Four years earlier I'd watched the final in a bar in Sanlitun in Beijing, where some expat Germans almost got into a brawl after someone tried to take the seats they'd marked out earlier in the classic German style. This evening there were no such problems. I found a cafe in Norrebrø that was showing the game. Earlier in the competition, the Italians had utterly robbed Australia by diving to get a last-minute penalty, so I was very much supporting France. With extra time running out, there was suddenly pandemonium as the cameras showed an Italian on the ground and Zidane being shown a red. From the Danish commentary it was not easy to tell what was going on, so I assumed that the Italian had dived. Disgusted, I watched them eventually take the win on penalties. Later, I had to grudgingly admit that it was probably not totally unfair to have sent Zidane off for headbutting Materazzi.

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