Up a hill

Sunday, September 24th 2006

We had a fairly huge Saturday night out. Spanish nightlife is all about late, and Santiago's is later than anywhere else I've been. It's still the only city in which I've been outside a club at five in the morning, with people saying it was still a bit early to be going in. They were right as well, it was really quiet. But by six it was heaving. We left at 8am, had a breakfast of churros con chocolate, then crashed for a few hours.

We didn't waste the whole of the next day though. We decided to go up a hill near town and then walk back down. Forest fires had torn across much of Galicia during the summer, and from on the hill we could see the scorched swathes across the green hills. Dave said the scene had been apocalyptic, as fires burned on the hillside and thick smoke drifted through the streets. It was hard to believe anything could burn here, with the amount of rain we'd seen. Today it was dry, though, and we walked back into town.

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