La Palma 2006

Observing at the Nordic Optical Telescope

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La Palma

Monday, October 23rd 2006


After two and a half years out of astronomy, I returned to the field in September 2006. Shortly after that, I got an opportunity to go observing again, and my third trip to La Palma was fantastic. When I left astronomy, I didn't know whether I would ever try to get back into it, and I thought that in all likelihood my two trips to La Palma would be my lot.

On both of those two trips, the taxi to the mountain top had been a nightmare. This time, I was observing at a telescope which didn't have cars on the mountain top for the observer's use, so I needed to drive myself up. This was massively more fun than getting the taxi, and I was laughing like a fool as I swept around the hairpins. If I'd had a passenger, they would have been chundering within seconds.

At the top, conditions were perfect. The humidity was so low that I got violent electric shocks off everything I touched, the skies were deep blue, and the stars shone brightly. Unfortunately I was not observing until the next night. I watched the sun set over a sea of clouds, then stayed up until the small hours preparing my observations and getting into the night routine.

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