Wednesday, April 25th 2007

I got a ferry to Macau. As I boarded at the Kowloon ferry terminal, I noticed a sign saying "Dumb walkway swaying. Passengers up-and-down be careful". Normally I think it's a bit churlish for foreigners to mock the "Chinglish" which is quite common in these parts. After all, our languages are radically different, and it's just nice for English-speakers to have signs approximately understandable. But this one was really a good one. The dumb walkway didn't sway and I got onto the boat without needing to be particularly up-and-down careful.

It was a wet squally day, but I was still disappointed that there was no deck to go out and stand on as we powered across the Pearl River Delta. We docked at Macau just after midday, and it began to rain as I walked towards the centre. Soon it was wildly torrential downpour, and as I took refuge in the doorway of a megacasino I chatted to two passing Bangladeshi students visiting from Shenzhen.

Eventually the rain eased off, and I headed for the Fortaleza da Guia, a Portuguese fortress on the highest point in the city. I'd imagined that Macau would be quite similar to Hong Kong but it had an incredibly different feel to it. The number of colossal tower blocks was staggering, and most of them looked to me like they might crumble and fall at any moment.

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