Friday, April 27th 2007

I went to Stanley on my last day in Hong Kong. I didn't have any particular aim in mind, I just wanted to see a part of the island outside the city. I wandered through the market a few times, bought some souvenirs, then walked along the sea shore and watched boats passing. I liked the place; the city was just over the hill but the town was very tranquil and relaxed. The market was busy but it was nothing like as crowded as the Peak had been the night before.

After I'd seen enough of the market and the sea, I headed back to the city. I had an idea that I'd go to Lantau island and see what there was there, but it was already 4pm. Lantau is twice the size of Hong Kong island and I thought a couple of hours wouldn't really do it justice. I'd liked Hong Kong so much more than I'd expected that I knew I'd be coming back. I decided to leave Lantau for the next time.

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