Train to Shanghai

Sunday, April 22nd 2007

In the morning I was woken at 7am by a thunderstorm, and felt disorientated to find myself in a strange room. I couldn't sleep, and no-one else was up, so I decided to just hit the road. I'd thought about heading out to the river to see if I could get a boat down to Shanghai, but with heavy rain falling I decided just to get a train. I got the metro to the train station, taking note of the signs instructing me to 'wait in safe-line' and 'care the gap'.

The station was a scene of chaos, and I felt that my lack of Chinese and shattered state was going to make things tricky. But the queues were fast moving, and the English-speaking girl behind the window sold me a ticket for a train leaving for Shanghai in ten minutes. I got on, found my way to a seat, and then slept all the way to Shangai, dreaming crazy dreams.

It was 4pm when I arrived in China's biggest city, and I hadn't eaten all day. I got on the metro, assisted by a friendly local who I thought might be after a tip like the woman at Beijing airport had been, but he wasn't. He asked me where I was going, showed me how to buy a ticket, and was gone before I could say 'xie xie'. And so I headed from the train station to Henan Zhong Lu, and walked down to the Huangpu River.

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