On the beach

Tuesday, September 11th 2007

The next day there was a colossal cruise ship docked at the ferry port, and the city was suddenly full of elderly tourists puffing up the steps, and Filipino-looking crew members enjoying a few hours off their ship. I decided to go to the beach for the day. I headed out to Lanzheron Beach, which looked like a straightforward walk on the map but ended up being more adventurous than I'd expected. The map led me to what appeared to be some kind of old people's home or health spa, and once I'd walked through the grounds of this I reached a high fence. There seemed to be no gate, and I didn't feel like backtracking all the way to the main road, so I scaled it and jumped over. Then I had a ten minute walk through some quite thick woods until I found the beach.

Lanzheron Beach looked like it had seen better days, and this year's season was clearly over. Most of the bars and restaurants lining the promenade were closed, and only a few people were around. I paddled in the Black Sea briefly and then slept on the sand for a while, only just managing to avoid getting horrifically sunburnt.

I liked Odesa but I felt like I'd pretty much exhausted its possibilities after two days. So I decided to head west, into what would prove to be one of the strangest places I've ever visited: Transdnistria.

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