Friday, January 18th 2008

I went to Sweden with Eldrik, who's been there about a million times; this was only my fifth trip. We met at Stansted on a Friday evening, and flew to Copenhagen. A quick trip across the Øresund took us to Malmö.

This was my third visit to Malmö, after two earlier trips on hot sunny summer weekends. We walked from the train station to a hostel in the south of the city, past locations which we recognised from "Lilya 4-ever", the most depressing film I've ever seen.

We didn't plan to spend much time in Malmö. In the winter there was nothing to keep us here once we'd had a quick look at the Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia. We walked out to Västra Hamnen to see it spiralling up into the low clouds, then headed to the station for the short trip to Lund.

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