Sunday, February 24th 2008

I walked towards Nyugati station. I didn't have much time left in Budapest, and I wanted to try and get hold of the soundtrack to Kontroll. But I was out of luck - none of the shops in the huge shopping centre by Nyugati station had it. I would have to come back.

My flight was not until the morning, but it was leaving at 6.30am, so rather than pay for another night in the hostel and get up at 3am, I decided to go and sleep at the airport and get up at 4.30am. I got a late train out to Ferihegy, but when it got to the station I almost didn't notice. We stopped for only a few seconds, and by the time I'd spotted the sign and got to the door, the train was already accelerating rapidly. I had to make a split-second decision - jump or not? I jumped, landed with a jolt but intact, and didn't even have to do the combat roll I'd been planning mid-air.

It was an uncomfortable night at the airport. Sleeping on a hard bench would have been tiring even if I didn't have a broken rib, and even if one of the cleaners driving around throughout the night hadn't crashed into my bench with his floor-washing machine. Feeling injured and exhausted, I headed back to London.

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