Monday, May 19th 2008

I went to Potsdam for a week to learn how to analyse a certain type of astronomical data. Unfortunately the weekend before was the Miglia Quadrato. I spent a Saturday night driving around the City of London hunting for clues until 5am, grabbed a couple of hours sleep and then headed to Stansted for a flight to Schönefeld. I got an S-bahn into Berlin, then another S-bahn out to Potsdam, finally arriving at my hostel at 1am. Each day's work for the next week started at 9am, and it took me until about Thursday to recover from the weekend.

Working in Potsdam was great. Each morning I would get up at 7am, wander up through Babelsberg via a bakery to buy breakfast and lunch, meet a friend from work who was also here for the week, and then walk up through fields to the Astrophysikalisches Intstitut. The peace and quiet was great for the week that I was there, but by Friday I was missing noise and bustle. We headed for Berlin.

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