Wednesday, July 16th 2008

I didn't have too long to spend in Prizren. The last bus back to Priština left at 6pm, and I didn't want to get stranded. So I hurried into town, not knowing where I was going because the map in the guidebook didn't say where the bus station was. But I found my way, and before too long I was in the historic centre of the town.

It was the usual Kosovan mixture of upbeat and depressing. The town centre was busy and lively, and cafes overflowed with people. Old buildings lined the streets. But right in the centre there were burned-out buildings, and up on the hillside an ugly scar of abandoned houses showed the ethnic conflict that still existed. Kosovo had been overtaken by violence in 2004, and Prizren had suffered. The remaining Serbs had more or less all abandoned the place, and their empty houses remained.

I sat by the almost-dry riverbank for a while in the warm sun, but soon my time was up. I got a bus back to Priština as the sun was setting over the hills of southern Kosovo. Free sweets were handed out again. I got back to the capital just as it was getting dark, and walked from the bus station up to Velania.

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