Wednesday, March 18th 2009

I got into trouble at immigration. I thought I might do - my passport has been through some rough times and is battered and fraying. But that was fine. The problem came when the immigration officer asked me what the purpose of my visit was. I wasn't exactly sure what to say - I'd come for a conference but that was only one day, and then I would have two days free. On the green form I put 'tourism'. "What is the purpose of your visit?" asked the officer. I began to explain my situation. I was tired and I rambled. He cut me short. "What. Is the purpose. Of your visit. Sir?", he said, angrily. "Work", I said, and he looked at me with disgust, crossed out what I'd written on the card, stamped my passport and waved me through.

I got a train into the centre of Chicago, and wandered around aimlessly. I'd seen ice in Lake Huron as we flew in, but Lake Michigan was ice-free and it wasn't cold. I found my way to Millennium Park and Anish Kapoor's 'Cloud Gate'.

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