Saturday, March 21st 2009

After the conference I had two days to spare in southern Arizona. You can't do much there without a car, but luckily a friend had been observing at the nearby Kitt Peak National Observatory and had a motor. He'd just finished his observing run, and we headed out into the desert.

Our destination was Chiricahua National Monument. It was a little bit cooler in the hills there than it had been back in Tucson. Near to the car park there were quite a few people on the trails, many of whom did not look very much like hikers at all and occupied most of the width of the narrow paths. As we got further away, there were fewer and fewer people, and the wilderness was spectacular.

After a few hours we reached a turnoff for 'Inspiration Point'. I was initially not too fussed, as we'd already covered a lot of ground and seen some pretty inspiring things. Luckily we decided to check it out, and soon reached the most impressive viewpoint of the day.

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