Greenlandic football game

Saturday, June 27th 2009

I scrambled along the ridge back towards town. When I reach Tasiilaq I saw that there was a football game about to start on the town's dusty pitch, and I decided to watch. I was not sure if it was a Greenlandic league game or just a village kickabout, but it looked pretty organised. A small but very vocal crowd cheered the teams on when the game began.

The game was extremely one-sided. The team in red played stunningly badly and I honestly would not have played any worse than them if I'd gone on. I may not be able to control the ball well, tackle people without kicking them or escape from markers, but I can put the ball into an open goal from within the penalty area. The reds couldn't, and the stripy team raced into a four goal lead. I didn't stay for the second half.

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