Friday, June 26th 2009

Travelling by plane, you get whisked from one part of the world to another part so quickly that sometimes the change can be shocking. But I don't think I've ever felt as stunned and disorientated as when I landed on Kulusuk Island. The plane had dropped down into a small valley, surrounded by wild mountains, and snow was everywhere. The sky was grey and the air was cool, and I was having a hard time believing I was in Greenland.

I walked out of the tiny airport building, out into the tundra. I didn't have a map of the island, but in the distance was a group of day trippers, who I guessed would be heading for Kulusuk Village, so I followed them. A dirt road leading from the airport to the village was the only indication that people lived here; otherwise, all was deathly quiet and calm. I climbed a small hill, feeling tiny in the vast landscape, and saw the village not far away. I climbed down towards it and had a look around.

There was not a lot happening in Kulusuk. I walked to the end of the village to look out over the ice-choked seas, and didn't see many people. Huskies were lying all around, looking very relaxed but leaping up and barking if I walked too close. I sat on a bench overlooking the sea for a while.

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