Nearing Þórsmörk

Tuesday, July 7th 2009

I didn't go back for it. On the other side of the river was something strange and astonishing, an Icelandic forest. I'd never seen one of these before and I felt like I was in a different country as I walked through the woods. An hour or so later I reached a sign saying Þórsmörk and I was nearly done.

I walked to Langidalur. My guide book said there was a shop here. There was but it was closed, and the place was more or less deserted. A vehicle had got stuck in one of the massive glacial rivers here and was being pulled out by a tractor, but otherwise nothing much was happening. I walked to Húsadalur, home valley, and it turned out this was where everything happens at Þórsmörk. I pitched my tent and rested my weary feet. I was done.

Landmannalaugar's hot pool is one of my favourite places on the planet, and my guide book said there was a geothermal hot pool here as well. I'd been looking forward to it. In the end, it was massively disappointing - it was hardly warm at all and far from spending hours in there recovering, I spent about five minutes in there shivering before I could take no more.

Instead, I went for a walk. In the late evening, when all was quiet, I walked to the Krossá. I sat and watched the raging glacial torrent carving its way through the Icelandic landscape. It was cloudy and gloomy and atmospheric. I'd finally made it to Þórsmörk. I'd considered pushing on over the Fimmvörðuháls pass to Skógar, another day or two's walking, but my time was not unlimited and there were other places I wanted to see. I decided my hike was over, and in the morning I headed back to Reykjavík.

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