Unfinished business

Saturday, July 4th 2009

I'd been here before. Ten years ago, we planned to hike the legendary Laugavegur, a three day crossing of some of Iceland's wildest scenery. We'd given up after a matter of a couple of hours, not through any desire of mine but because my two travelling companions didn't fancy it. In retrospect I could see we would have had a miserable time if we'd carried on but still I left with a powerful sense of unfinished business. If there was one thing I wanted to do on this trip, it was to finish the job.

So I got an early morning bus to Landmannalaugar. Even if the hike had been a failure, Landmannalaugar had been one of my favourite places in Iceland. The weather was unremittingly foul and bleak and that only made me like it more. The sombre mountains just seemed so atmospheric and wild to me then. Wallowing in nostalgia, I listened to 7:30 by the Frank and Walters as we rumbled along the Fjallabak road to the back of beyond.

It was almost like I'd just rewound ten years. Rain was battering down on Landmannalaugar, which looked as familiar as if I'd been there yesterday. I really, really didn't fancy camping - our night here on the gravelly campground had been horrible. So I went to see if I could get into the warm dry hut. By great good fortune I happened to reach the warden's hut at the same time as some people who had one more reservation than they needed. I gladly took it off their hands. And then I made straight for the most heavenly location on Earth, the hot pool. Bathing in hot volcanic waters in the remote hinterlands of Iceland while it rains steadily is just too awesome to describe.

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