Sunday, November 8th 2009

I'd been waiting a long time for this trip. I'd seen Rammstein in Berlin at the end of 2004, and apart from a few gigs in early 2005 they hadn't played live since. At first I checked their website daily to see if new live dates were being announced; later I checked weekly. Later still I checked once in a while, my hopes dashed every time. I hadn't checked for months when I decided on a whim to have a look in May 2009.

The news was awesome. A new album was forthcoming, and a tour would start in November. All I needed to do was work out where to see them. Berlin again would have been cool, but the tickets were savagely expensive. Paris was easy to get to, but the tickets sold out there within hours. Poland? Couldn't find cheap flights. Norway? The tickets there were twice the price of even the Berlin ones. Spain or Portugal? Somehow the concept of Rammstein in sunny southern Europe seemed strange to me, but the tickets there were by far the cheapest. I bought my ticket and went to Lisbon for the opening night of the tour.

Portugal 2009 | Belém »