Still trailing

Tuesday, December 22nd 2009

The nights passed. We lost half of one due to technical problems, but we were a night up thanks to the earlier "technical" night, so we weren't unhappy. The observations ran smoothly and I had plenty of time during our long hours tracking each object to go out and look at the sky.

There were vizcachas, Andean foxes, and donkeys around the observatory. In the night, I kept hearing noises of animal movements in the dark, and I was never sure what was actually there. I'd go to remote parts of the observatory, set the camera going and then head back to the comfort of the control room, the kitchen, or the pool table, where each morning we would continue an epic series of games. One of them was slightly disrupted by a magnitude 5.5 earthquake, which I still maintain led to my narrow 39-38 defeat in the series.

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