Notre Dame

Monday, May 31st 2010

It had been a long time since I'd been to Paris properly. I'd passed through on my way to Barcelona a couple of months ago, but now, two friends of mine were living here, so I got a eurostar early one Saturday morning to go and visit them.

We visited Notre Dame. I'd been there before but only to the inside. We decided to go up to the roof. It was a May bank holiday weekend so this involved spending a long time in a queue, creeping slowly across the square in front of the cathedral. It looked like it was going to rain heavily, and I was hoping it would so that some less enthusiastic queuers might go away and do something else, but it didn't.

Eventually we made it up to the heights. By coincidence it was ten years to the day since my first visit to Paris, when I'd arrived utterly broke after a trip across Europe to celebrate the end of my degree. I thought then that I had just left UCL forever. I wondered what I would have made of it then, if someone told me I'd actually have got a job there, ten years on.

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