Monday, August 23rd 2010

Crossing Switzerland by train in a day was easy. My journey to Geneva required me to change at Buchs, Sargans and Z├╝rich. At each stop, the gap between the trains was exactly enough for me to find the platform and go to it - neither more nor less. I watched the beautiful countryside sweeping past from the comfort of air-conditioned trains.

From Geneva I caught a TGV to Nice, and spent a night there, in a hot airless hostel. I walked down to the beach in the humid night and sat on the shores of the Mediterranean. I'd already come a long way from Vienna, and I was only half way to my destination.

In the morning, I got a train along the coast to Monaco. I didn't really have any plans at all to fill the few hours I had before I needed to catch a train to Narbonne. I emerged from the cavernous station to find myself in the extraordinarily familiar surroundings of Saint-Devote, the first corner of the grand prix circuit. It was really strange to be somewhere where I recognised everything, and had seen everything from many different angles, many times over the years, without ever having been there. There was only one thing for a grand prix fan to do at this point. I headed out for a lap.

The more I walked, the more I decided I really, really wanted to see a grand prix live here. The narrowness of the streets, and the steepness of the climbs and descents, was so much more dramatic in the flesh than it ever looked on television. Cars were having trouble overtaking buses, so how Formula One cars could ever do any overtaking was beyond me. I walked up the hill to the Casino, down through the Mirabeau and round the fantastic Loewes Hairpin. I thought of all the awesome races that had passed here, and looked at the marks they'd left on the kerbs.

I carried on, under the tunnel, and up towards the left-hander at Tabac. There is a chicane here called the Swimming Pool, so I'm not sure why I was actually surprised to see a swimming pool. I think they cover it over during the GP weekend so I'd always imagined it was some former landmark. But now I passed by it, nearing the end of my lap. I rounded the Rascasse and then headed into the final straight. I would definitely have to come back here to watch a grand prix.

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