Sunday in Toronto

Sunday, April 24th 2011

I got up early again the next day, planning to go to Niagara. But I got lost on the way to the subway station, ended up walking all the way to Union Station, and missing the train by five minutes. It was Easter Sunday, and few trains or buses were running. It was raining anyway, so I decided to leave Niagara for the next day. I walked out through the empty streets of Toronto, quiet in the drizzle, and the only people around were homeless, unhinged, or both. I ended up in a Tim Hortons, a place I had never heard of before arriving here but which was on every street corner. Their business is in providing disgustingly sugary snacks. I bought a coffee and a doughnut, and felt slightly nauseous after I'd finished. 20 minutes later I had bizarre cravings for another one. I decided Tim Hortons was a dangerous place and left.

By 11am the streets were getting a little bit busier. I wanted to check out some contemporary art, so I walked a long walk from the centre of the city out to the western districts, where I found the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. A gallery with a coffee-inspired acronym - it had to be good. But it was closed for a new installation to be constructed, so I trudged back into the city.

By now it was hot and sunny again, and I was annoyed not to be at Niagara. I hoped the weather would stay fine the next day.

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