Across the Andes

Monday, August 6th 2012

The journey back to Santiago started badly. It seemed that the heating was on on the bus, and it was a warm day anyway, so before long everyone on the top deck was slumping and sweating and beginning to suffer from heatstroke. But no-one seemed to complain, so we poor foreigners were not sure whether this was normal or not. As the other passengers slipped into comas, Amy finally decided to go and ask the driver about air conditioning. Seconds later an icy gale tore through the upper deck, waking everyone from their near death experience.

With breathable air now flowing we could appreciate the scenery. It had been dark when we were coming down from the pass into Argentina and we'd missed all of this.

We crossed the snow line and then went through the border formalities again. If you're a tourist in Chile, they give you a bit of paper when you enter the country, and take it off you again when you leave. But if you're a resident, they give you a bit of paper when you leave the country and expect it back again when you return. I hadn't really understood this when we'd crossed into Argentina, and I'd thrown away the bit of paper they'd given me because I didn't know what it was for. Luckily no-one really cares too much about this bit of paper, and after a few minutes of confusion they gave me another bit to fill in, and we all made it back into Chile.

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