Akivi night

Friday, May 3rd 2013

I watched the sun set from Maunga Terevaka, and then headed back down the trail. By the time I got back to Ahu Akivi it was getting dark and the stars were coming out. There was no-one else there. I hung around for a while to take some photos.

In the darkness, the moai were quite spooky. I felt like it was somehow slightly sacrilegious to shine my torch on them in the night, but I had to keep checking that they hadn't moved. It seemed totally possible that they might, and it began to feel like at the very least they were watching me disapprovingly.

But I braved their disapproval to take some photos of the stars shining over them. And then I quickly packed up my things and headed back to Hanga Roa before they could come to life and chase me away.

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