El Tatio

Saturday, September 7th 2013

I went to the Atacama for a few days, on a trip that was supposed to be four people but due to one missed flight and one cancelled work shift, only two of us made it. So Dave and I headed to San Pedro. It was my fourth trip to the area but Dave's first, so I went to see some of the things I'd seen before. We headed up to El Tatio, 4,300m above sea level, and it was as impressive as always. But we made the mistake of trying out the geothermal pool. When I'd been here in 2005 there was no man-made pool, just a large natural pool that a few people went into. Now they've built a pool and some changing rooms. But I do not recommend the experience. One end of the pool was a tiny bit warm but the rest was cool, and after a few minutes when I got out into the cold thin air, I was shivering so hard I thought I was going to give myself a brain haemorrhage.

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