Cordillera de la Sal

Saturday, October 19th 2013

We'd been to the southernmost parts of Chile, and now it was time to head north to San Pedro de Atacama. It was the fifth time I'd been here, only a few weeks after my fourth visit.

San Pedro is full of tour agencies, some good, some bad. We went on a trip to the Valle de la Luna with a bad one. And the trouble is, there are so many agencies, I can't remember which one it was I actually booked through. Whoever it was, they had a van that was tiny and they were trying to fit too many people into it, and after our first stop it wouldn't restart for a while.

But, at least it managed to deliver us to a good viewpoint over the desert in time to see the sun go down. San Pedro might be excessively touristy but it's got a prime location and I don't think I could ever get bored of seeing the desert scenery around here.

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