Keelung night market

Wednesday, November 20th 2013

From Yeliu we went to Keelung. Keelung is famous for its night market, and so the streets were thronging with people out to sample the goods. We all piled in and bought as many unusual foods as we could find. I don't eat meat so this meant that about 95% of the market had nothing for me. I do eat meat if it's some interesting animal that I haven't tried before, but I've already eaten squid, octopus, frog, and all of the other unfortunate animals I could see at Keelung.

There were not many foreigners in the market, and we attracted attention. A guy who spoke some english stopped us and asked us where we were from and why we were here. We had a chat about astronomy and Taiwan, and he and his friend told us which food stalls we should go to for the best of Taiwanese street food.

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